Review Monkey

Simple, Effective and Affordable Reputation Management
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Review System

Get Positive Review

Reach out to your customers and, if they're happy, ask them to leave positive reviews for your business's review profiles.

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Prevent Bad Reviews

If your customers are not happy you can ask for feedback for a chance to make them happy, prevent a bad review and even turn it into a good review.

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Increase Your Profits

Better reviews and a higher star rating will lead to more customers for your business which means more profit.

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How can we help??

We are a simple, effective and affordable reputation management software that will allow you to increase your positive reviews while helping you prevent the bad ones, which will lead to more business.


How It Works

Step 1

Fill out your business information and connect to your review sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Step 2

Send feedback requests to your customers. Our funnel will ask happy customers to leave a review at one of your review sites. Unhappy customers will be asked how you can make them happy.

Step 3

Watch your online reputation grow as your star ratings increase, which leads to more customers (and a bigger bank account).

Why Reviews Matter?

Having Better Reviews Has A TON Of Benefits Like:
  • More people call (because they trust you!)
  • Customers are more likely to be “pre-sold” on your service
  • Reviews are now a website ranking factor which means even MORE people will find you online.
  • This about it, when you search for a new company do you read the reviews? (I know I do). Which company do you normally purchase from? … Yup, you got it.

People Say The Nicest Things